Playwright          “Who’s Driving?”, “Doing It for the Fame” (monologues)    03/2019, 03/2016                

Sarasvati Productions                                                            Winnipeg, Manitoba                                                                                                              

  • Wrote monologues for Sarasvati Production’s 2016 and 2019 Cabaret of Monologues

Director (film)     Kingdom Cold Promotional Video (one-minute video)                    01/2019

                                                                                 Seoul, South Korea

  • Collaborated with author Brittni Chenelle to make a promotional video for her newest novel 
  • Directed crew of 5 during one day of principal photography and edited final product
  • Released and screened for Kingdom Cold book launch

Director (film)     CnC Academy Promotional Video (three-minute video)                  10/2018

                                                                                 Seoul, South Korea

  • Collaborated with seven kindergarten teachers to collect footage of students 
  • Screened during open classes for prospective parents/students

Director (theatre)  “In the Jar” (ten-minute short)                                   11/2018

Seoul Players                                                                    Seoul, South Korea

  • Directed cast of six actors through the rehearsal process, and collaborated with various crew

Playwright          “Last Chance” (ten-minute short)                          07/2018-12/2018

Various Companies                                                                 Various US States

  • Short was produced by Open Eye Theatre, East/West Playfest, and Old Library Theatre

Screenwriter    “A Bunch of KD”, “Netflix and No Chill”, “Where’s My Dog?”             12/2018

chap.three          (two-minute shorts)                                             Los Angeles, CA

  • Wrote three short films for chap.three’s flagship project “City Kitties”

Screenwriter/Director     Episodes 1-19 (web series)                          08/2018-12/2018

Red Lips Productions                                                             Seoul, South Korea

  • Wrote and directed 19 five-minute episodes, organising crews of 5-10 during all stages of production

Playwright               “So . . . Here’s What Happened”                             10/2018

Samuel French                   (monologue)                                   Hollywood, California

  • Produced for Samuel French’s evening of Halloween monologues

Playwright                “The Geese” (ten-minute short)                             07/2018

Changing Scene Northwest                                                         Tacoma, Washington

  • Produced for Summerplay 2018

Director/Co-Producer (film)  “Dibs” (ten-minute short)                               08/2018

Red Lips Productions                                                             Seoul, South Korea

  • Co-produced with screenwriter Laura Pro to cast, find shooting locations, and organise crew of 10 for two days of principal photography, and additional days to record additional audio

Director/Co-Producer (film)   “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Riddled”               06/2018

Red Lips Productions                 (five-minute short)                         Seoul, South Korea

  • Co-produced with Laura Pro to write, shoot, and edit short for KIXFF’s 48-Hour Film Challenge
  • Directed crew of 10+ for two days of pre-production, principal photography, and post-production

Screenwriter/Director        "A Handbag’s Funeral”                                  05/2018

Red Lips Productions                 (five-minute short)                          Seoul, South Korea

  • Wrote, directed, and edited short

Director (theatre)        "A Case of Anxiety”  (ten-minute short)                    11/2017

Seoul Players                                                                    Seoul, South Korea

  • Directed cast of six actors through the rehearsal process, and collaborated with various crew

Director (theatre)       Rocky Horror Shadowcast                             10/2017

Seoul Players                                                      Seoul, South Korea

  • Directed cast and crew of 15+ through casting, rehearsals (spaces and scheduling), and performance.

Screenwriter             “Speaking Test” (fifteen minute short)                   08/2017

Seoul Film Club                                                   Seoul, South Korea

  • Collaborated with members of Seoul Film Club to finalise screenplay and locations
  • Screened at 2018 KIXFF (Korea International Expat Film Festival)

Director (theatre)        Rent Boy (one-act play)                                    05/2016

Seoul Players                                                                    Seoul, South Korea

  • Directed cast and crew of 8+ through casting, rehearsal (scheduling and locations), and performance.

Screenwriter             “Love at First Sight” (five-minute short)                    05/2016

Seoul Film Club                                                                  Seoul, South Korea

  • Collaborated with director Jeremy Arthur to finalise screenplay, casting, and shooting locations

Director (film)           “Sewn Together” (five-minute short)                          04/2016

Seoul Film Club                                                    Seoul, South Korea

  • Lead crew of 10+ during three days of principal photography, and solidified casting and locations

Director (theatre)       My Darling Judith (two-act play)                            08/2014

Broken Record Pro.                                                                  Gimli, Manitoba

  • Directed cast of four and crew of two. Scheduled rehearsals.

Playwright/Director      The Iceberg, The Death Test                        07/2014, 07/2012

MegaKrenn Pro.                  (one-act plays)                                  Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Directed cast of four, handled all organisational aspects, produced for 2014 and 2012 Winnipeg Fringe 


ACTING (theatre)

The Birthday Present                          Mona                                    Seoul Players

Rocky Horror Picture Show                     Unconventional                          Seoul Players

The Death Test                                Actor (one-woman show)          MegaKrenn Productions

Confessional                                  Sade                               Merlyn Productions

The Curtain                                   The Maid                           Merlyn Productions

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                     Nick Bottom                                       SIR 

ACTING (film)

Saturday Morning Club                         Rose Teacher                     Red Lips Productions

Around the Clock                              Mac                                     Tasty English

Under the Table                               Mac                                     Tasty English

Street Churros Commercial                     Young Woman                           Seoul Film Club

Scarlet                                       Young Woman                           Seoul Film Club

Heaven is for Real                            Extra                            dir. Randall Wallace

Daemonus                                      Friend                                        Group 8



Merchant of Venice                            Seoul Shakespeare Company                        2018



Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Film, Playwriting

TOASTMASTERS — 2011-2014

Club Centennial 313, former President


Creative Writing with Anita Daher

Group Project: Give Me Three Seconds Anthology


Quantum Improv Classes


Quantum Film Acting Classes   



Two-time recipient of the Jean-Murray Moray-Sinclair Theatre Scholarship, offered by the Manitoba Theatre Centre



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