Reviews and Media

“One of my personal favorites was Makrenna Rose Sterdan’s “The Geese” in which a groom (. . .) and the brother of the bride (. . .) are trapped by a flock of Candadian geese and have to figureo out how to get through them in time for the wedding.”

-Tacoma Weekly (2018)

“The Cast is hilarious. Timing is on point. Director Sterdan handled the piece well . . . Great work in an anarchic play!”

-Bryan Stubbles, Front Row Reviewers Utah (2017)


"Playwright/director Makrenna Rose Sterdan has an ear for dialogue, and like a good therapist, slowly reveals the truth with some probing questions. The Iceberg is her second Fringe offering, and in it she proves she’s a talent to watch.”

-Iris Yudai, CBC (2014)


“Sterdan is an enthusiastic and versitile performer.”

-Wendy Burke, Winnipeg Free Press (2012)

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